Conference, Décembre 2018

Cycle de Conférences Raconte moi … « Technologies that are breaking OPEC’s control over oil price » par Sivaprasath Manivannan, 12 décembre 2018 – 19h30

Pétrole ciup

OPEC is a group of 15 oil-producing countries, led by Saudi Arabia, that account for more than 45% of global oil production. Oil reserves in OPEC countries are easily extractable, resulting in production costs less than $10/barrel; in UK, Gulf of Mexico and in the shale reservoirs in the US the production cost is more than $40 dollars. It is critical for the oil producers in these non-OPEC countries to develop new technologies to reduce their production costs; this will also result in reduced oil prices for the consumers. This talk discusses one such technology, developed in collaboration with Total, which identifies the geological layers in an oil well with the largest expected production rates. This technology can also be applied in other underground wells that are used to produce geothermal energy or ground water.


Sivaprasath Manivannan est doctorant en mécanique en 3ème année à l’Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau. Il mène des recherches sur les écoulements des fluides, les échanges thermiques et les contraintes mécaniques dans les roches. Il a obtenu un Master(M2) en modalisation multiphysique en mécanique des solides de l’Ecole Polytechnique et une licence en génie aérospatiale de l’Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, Inde.